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Best apps to boost your productivity at home

When you’re working at home, you have a whole host of distractions that you usually don’t encounter when at the office. To help you keep track of your to-do’s and to manage your work better, try incorporating a productivity app or two to assist you. Here’s a list of apps to help in keeping you productive throughout your working day: 

Available on Google Play and the App Store

Todoist is a virtual planner that helps users to keep track of all their tasks. It has everything you need all conveniently located in one place. With the app’s advanced native language input, you can turn a note into a recurring task. Its easy-to-use interface and robust features give users the flexibility and functionality they need to get things done. 

This app records your progress and offers productivity graphs, as well. Monitoring your progress and ticking off your checklist of to-dos has never been easier with this helpful app. 

Accessible on multiple platforms like phones, tablets, and computers, this app can also sync data across all your devices. It can also integrate with other apps like Dropbox, Slack, and IFTTT. The base version is free but you can get cool additional features for the premium version. 

Available on Google Play and the App Store

Evernote is the leading note-taking app with innovative features like cloud storage, automated multi-platform syncing, and superior interface. You can upload pictures, audio recordings, and video snippets to add to your notes, as well. 

Its features include formatting, organization, and sharing options so you can work together with your team. The priority function lets you know what needs to be done first and when. You won’t have to worry about any tasks falling through the cracks. 

The basic function of the app is free, but with a premium subscription, you’ll get unlimited space, more formatting options, and other great features.

Available on Google Chrome, Google Play, and App Store 

RescueTime is a tracking app that helps users optimize their workdays and make sure they’re at their most productive. If you need something to help keep the work-life balance, then this app is perfect for you.

The app’s goal is to help you get more work done without working more. It analyzes your work routine and figures out how you can maximize your productivity. RescueTime automatically tracks time spent on apps, websites, and projects. It also has a custom work-hour setup that alerts you when you’ve been working too much or if you’re at risk of burning out.

RescueTime has a 14-day trial period where you can experience all its wonderful features for free. The app is priced at $9 a month or $72 a year.

Strict Workflow
Available on Google Chrome

For those who want a more casual timekeeping app, Strict Workflow is a web extension that provides users with a structured workflow. It’s an app that uses the Pomodoro method which is a 25-minute, distraction-free work mode with a 5-minute break to round off the half hour. This web extension is easy to use and lets you block websites that hinder your productivity.

 Achieving the ideal work-life balance has never been easier with the help of these apps. These can even help you manage your time better when it comes to your real estate endeavors. 

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