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Living in Santa Cruz

The Californian lifestyle is one that many aspire toward, and within this state, there is a city that continues to garner attention. Santa Cruz is considered one of the best places to live in America. With so much natural beauty, amazing beaches, a wonderful community, and many unique amenities, it is no surprise that this top location is a top pick for many people to live in. Have a look at why this city is such a fantastic place to live, and check out some of the best things to do in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Basic Information

Santa Cruz has around 64,000 permanent residents, and they enjoy 250 sunny days on average per year. However, the California sun and wonderful beaches aren’t the only things that attract residents and visitors. There are also a plethora of amenities such as hip cafes, fantastic restaurants, unique shops, and many green spaces. 47% of residents rent, whereas 53% own their home. The median rent is $1,797, however, the figure can depend on which neighborhood you choose to move into. The healthcare and educational facilities are also highly rated which makes Santa Cruz an ideal living destination for the long-term. The city is a classic beach town that has its own unique culture, and prides itself on maximizing liveability for residents. 


The city is filled with diversity, and there is a unique culture to behold. Those who live in the city often talk about a shared sense of community that is strongly felt. Residents make the most of the abundant natural beauty and take advantage of the outdoors. Activities such as surfing, hiking, cycling, are all very popular here. For those that are active, this is definitely the place to be. You can expect to find young professionals, retirees, and families all harmoniously living in the city. The city continues to grow quickly, and new residents find it easy to fit in. 

Things to Do

The city always has something going on throughout the year, and residents have so many fantastic activities to choose from. You will never run out of things to do when living in Santa Cruz California. Here are some of the best activities that residents tend to enjoy in the city.

Visit West Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

To take in some of the best views of Santa Cruz, you need to visit West Cliff Drive. This three mile scenic pathway will relax your mind and body. You can go for a relaxing stroll or for a more intense jog. We recommend going at sunset to see the beauty of the sky. 

Go See the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

One of the main attractions in the city is the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. This classic amusement park has a range of rides and provides plenty of entertainment in the glorious California sunshine. Enjoy tasty treats and feel the thrill of the exciting rides. This is a fun day out that is suitable for the whole family, 

Take aBrew Cruz

Santa Cruz may not be the first city that comes across your mind when you think of craft beer, but in recent years it has been steadily building a fantastic reputation for its fantastic breweries. The Brew Cruz allows you to visit and sample 14 top-notch breweries located in the city. Expect lively beer gardens and unique tastes. The bus drivers are filled with knowledge which will provide you with some amazing insights into the local breweries. 

Roaring Camp Railroads

You can take in the natural beauty of Santa Cruz from above by getting on a steam train. You will be able to see historic railroads, and the iconic California redwood trees. It is one of the oldest railroad lines in California, and there is plenty of history to marvel. The 6 mile route gives passengers the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the California landscapes. 

You will now have a better idea of some of the fun things to do in Santa Cruz. It truly is a city that offers excitement all year round. If you’re looking to get closer to the action, then you need a real estate agent that has the best understanding of the local real estate market. You can rely on my personal touch to find a home that meets your unique requirements.  Feel free to contact me at 831.661.5591 or you send me an email at amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com. I look forward to hearing from you.