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Top 5 hottest amenities for your luxury home build

A luxury property isn’t defined by its lofty price tag as much as for its exclusive location and your access to the lifestyle amenities that cater perfectly to your needs.

Whether you’re searching from among the most fabulous Santa Cruz luxury homes for sale or are looking to build from the ground up, your property should have both form (style) and function (substance). Naturally, you’ll want to know the ultimate trends in luxury home amenities: 

  1. Gourmet kitchen

    These days, kitchens are considered as more than just a place to cook and store food. Kitchens have largely become the central part of every home: a place not only to share a meal or chat over a cup of coffee, but also to hold family gatherings or casually entertain guests.

    Because the kitchen has become such a fundamental aspect of the home, it needs to be equipped with the proper features. This means plenty of counter space, a walk-in pantry, restaurant-grade appliances, warming drawers, wine racks, and great lighting.

  1. Open floor plan

    An open floor plan–a staple in contemporary luxury homes—has evolved into a popular design choice for an array of styles. From a traditional farmhouse to minimalist urban homes, luxury abodes of all types have started to embrace open, multifunctional spaces.

    With an open floor plan, the home looks and feels more spacious. It provides a better flow among the various living areas and creates a nice, welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Modern home fitness center

    These days, health and wellness are always foremost in people’s minds. Luxury homes for sale in California today feature state-of-the-art fitness centers specifically designed with the homeowner’s needs in mind. There’s usually a lap pool, elliptical, strength training and bodybuilding equipment, and sometimes even boxing gear and a ring to cater to the residents’ preferred forms of exercise. There’s often also a steam room or sauna where homeowners can detox.

  1. Eco-friendly materials and appliances

    Luxury home builders are starting to focus on building homes with more sustainable features. They’re opting for locally-sourced materials and are adapting more eco-friendly construction practices.

    More energy-efficient features are now also more prevalent—from lighting fixtures to kitchen equipment. Smart home technology is incorporated into the build, both for added convenience and to make for a greener lifestyle.

  1. Outdoor living areas

    A popular trend that’s not likely going away any time soon is creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition between living spaces. This year, also expect to see outdoor living areas with more features designed to cater perfectly to the preferences of the home’s residents.

    Homeowners are enhancing their living experiences by building kitchens, fireplaces, pools, cabanas, spas, and the like outdoors. They’re using dual-purpose furniture—a must for improved comfort and style in open air spaces.

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Depending on the home, the area, and the amenities, the prices of many of the homes are much higher and if when there is acreage included those homes tend to garner the largest prices.

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