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Pacific Grove

Nestled along a picturesque, rocky shoreline at the northernmost tip of the Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove is an exquisite beachfront retreat befitting the most sophisticated homebuyers. If you want a regular dose of ocean views and fresh sea breeze in your day-to-day living, you will find it here.

Since it was founded in 1875 and incorporated in 1899, this incredible coastal community has maintained its private and serene character, limiting aggressive development intended to cater more to the tourist crowd. Pacific Grove is a decidedly small town – which is exactly why it has always been such a great place to live. There is little wonder why the local community is so warm and welcoming.

Homes for sale in Pacific Grove, CA

Pacific Grove houses are mostly traditional and perhaps even old-fashioned in their design, staying consistent with the modest, small town atmosphere of the rest of the community. This is an excellent market to explore if you have always dreamed of owning authentic Victorian-era architecture, whether to use as your permanent home or to convert into lucrative vacation rentals.

Homes in Pacific Grove are perfect complements to the area’s unspoiled beauty. Exteriors that feature brick or stone-wall veneers or full wood plank sidings provide a beautiful contrast to the clear blue skies and surrounding foliage. Interiors are designed to be airy, so that living spaces can “breathe.” Spacious balconies and backyard patios are also common features. 

Altogether, these qualities add up to a soothing living experience that makes the most out of Pacific Grove’s impeccable surroundings.

Living in Pacific Grove

The Pacific Grove lifestyle is filled with exciting experiences, including the following:

  • Pacific Grove Unified School District – The PGUSD provides quality public education for Pacific Grove residents through three primary schools, one middle school, and one high school.
  • Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary – Part of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Monarch Grove is the best spot to witness one of this coastal city’s most fascinating natural attractions: the seasonal migration of thousands of majestic monarch butterflies between October through February.
  • Point Pinos Lighthouse – See the oldest active lighthouse on the West Coast. Pacific Grove’s Point Pinos Lighthouse was built in 1855 and still ensures seafarers’ safe navigation to this day. You can visit the on-site museum on weekdays any time of the year, and even climb up the tower to see the lens of the lighthouse. 
  • Lover’s Point Beach and Park – Everyone’s favorite recreational destination in Pacific Grove for more than a century already, Lover’s Point is a 4.4-acre open space where you can enjoy surfing, kayaking, beach volleyball, and various other activities.
  • Pacific Grove Golf Links – Co-designed by the legendary Jack Neville in 1932, this 18-hole golf course adds the breathtaking beauty of Pacific Grove’s picturesque surroundings to the unforgettable golfing experience that it offers.

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