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A small community of 3,287 as of the last census, Seacliff in Santa Cruz is part of the unincorporated town of Aptos. Known for its long sandy beach and it’s warm enticing weather, it offers a quiet suburban vibe.


With its wealth of natural resources, Seacliff was an extremely popular area among the native Americans who lived off the land and sea for thousands of years.

By 1833, however, the area had evolved, now functioning mainly as a shipping port. It wasn’t till the 1920s when the area saw a huge rise in popularity. Housing developers who recognized the area’s potential began to build a range of attractive holiday homes, leading to a boom in tourism which has not waned to this day.

Residents and tourists alike are beguiled by the incomparable outdoors experiences offered by the area. Seacliff’s beach lends itself to those who love long walks – you could walk for miles and never get tired of the views. There are beachfront grounds and excellent facilities for RV camping, picnicking, walking and fishing. It’s also a paradise for those who love birdwatching.

Seacliff is also home to the famous cement ship, the SS Palo Alto, which is fascinating in itself.


Its coastal climate is one of the best aspects of Seacliff. During summer, many inland dwellers escape the summer heat by seeking respite on Seacliff’s shores. Residents also say that the much cooler weather is one of the most compelling reasons why they’ve chosen this area to live.


Seacliff is located within the county of Santa Cruz, covering an area of some 0.8 square miles. While it is relatively small, there’s no denying that it has more than its share of stunning homes near the coastline and access to many interesting things to see and do.

Schools and jobs

For young families that would like to explore the possibility of living in Seacliff, having a fantastic selection of highly ranked elementary and high schools nearby is a huge draw.

Many successful young professionals who call Seacliff home have found that there’s no shortage of employment opportunities in a variety of industries in the area.

Things to do in Seacliff

Spend a day on Seacliff State Beach, one of the few beach state parks that boasts a well-appointed camping site for RVs and other camping vehicles. The beach itself is clean and often not very crowded. There are public restrooms, too.

Picnickers will love that besides having tables onsite, the campsite has really nice BBQ facilities as well. If you’re interested in learning about the history of Seacliff and the story behind its famous cement ship, the SS Palo Alto, spend some time at the beach visitor center. The visitor center is also where you can get yourself hooked up with a variety of activities – water sports of all sorts, fishing and more.

Fancy an ice cream cone or a hot fudge sundae? Get your fix from any one of the 105 amazing flavors at Marianne’s! Savor your ice cream on a bench overlooking the beach – it’s sure to make your day! Or pay a visit to Manuel’s to have a hearty northern Mexican-inspired meal. They have several specials to boast of: the Huachinango a la Jarocha on Fridays and Camarones de Diego on Saturdays, as well as a full lineup of different specials on the other days of the week!

Real estate

The real estate market offers many types of homes for sale in Aptos CA, from condos to luxury beachfront residences that are highly sought after. The latest census figures show that there are around 1,920 housing units in Seacliff, half of which are owned. Some 811 families make up this community in Aptos, which largely promotes family-centric values.

Back in the early days, small vacation or second homes in Seacliff were popular, but the demand for housing today is mostly for luxurious year-round homes. The homes in many oceanfront developments go for an average of $500,000 to $750,000. Rentals can be had at an average monthly rate of $1,757.

Today, it’s not unusual to find clifftop homes with ocean views commanding $2 million to $10 million.

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