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Getting Your Home Sold Quickly

There can be many reasons why a home-owner may be in a rush to sell their home, and these can be financial or personal. The real estate market can be unpredictable, which means you must act quickly to ensure that your home is as attractive as possible to buyers. Here are the best tips for selling your home in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Choosing the Right Listing Agent

The choice of a listing agent is crucial for getting your home sold quickly. You should do your research and interview the most qualified candidates. They should have a good track record of selling similar properties within your area. This specialist knowledge means they will know how to make your home stand out and which features to market to buyers. Rather than simply knowing figures such as the Santa Cruz average home price, they should also be able to conduct a thorough market analysis. The top listing agents will be able to explain exactly how they plan to sell your home, and be able to justify their strategy. If you want a quick sale, then you need an agent that can hit the ground running. 

Clean, Declutter & Depersonalize

Once you have made the decision to sell, it is time to start cleaning your home from top to bottom. You must ensure that it has been deep cleaned and decluttered. Removing excess clutter makes your interior spaces appear larger and calmer. If there are large items to remove, then consider utilizing a storage locker. Any excess furniture can easily be kept here, and it will be convenient to move it to your new home. 

Sometimes it may be worth getting a professional cleaning done if you are unable to do so yourself. The cost of a deep clean represents good value since they can cover your entire home.  Additionally, you should try and limit personal items and photos. Remove any political or religious items from display to ensure that your home appears neutral. A depersonalized home is more attractive to potential buyers since they can easily picture themselves living in it. 

Staging your Home

Once your home has been thoroughly cleaned, it will be time to consider staging. Listing photos make a huge difference in how attractive your home appears to prospective buyers. Staging involves taking high-quality photos and positioning furniture in the best manner. Be sure to let plenty of natural light into rooms wherever possible. It can be well worth hiring a staging professional since they will be able to show your home off in the best way and grab the attention of interested buyers. 

Curb Appeal

Many sellers tend to focus primarily on the interior and end up ignoring exterior elements. Curb appeal can have a huge effect on how attractive your home appears, and it will be the first thing that buyers notice about your home. A fresh lick of paint on the front door can make a huge difference. Additionally, some landscaping and tidying can make the outside of your home seem more appealing. If you are showing the home at night, be sure to leave the outdoor lights on. 

Choosing the Right Price

You will need to work with your agent to choose an ideal price for your home. Since speed is the priority, you may need to pick a competitive range to attract the most buyers. Don’t be concerned with a low starting price since it can lead to more interest and even a bidding war. A high listing price is no guarantee of a high sales since it can ward off buyers. An overpriced home is also far more likely to languish on the market for longer. The agent will conduct a comparative price analysis to get an idea of what the objective value of your home is, and this will allow an informed decision to be made with regards to the listing price. 


It is vital to be flexible with viewings and to make your home as available as possible. Sure, it may be inconvenient to have viewings in the evenings or weekends; however, it is important to open up your home to the highest number of interested buyers. 

If you want to sell a home quickly, then you need to pick the right selling agent that has the best experience in the local area. I know how to sell your house quickly, and you can rely on my specialist knowledge and experience. Take advantage of my services for an excellent selling experience. Get in touch with me,  Amber Melenudo, on 831.661.5591 or send an email at amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com. I look forward to hearing from you, and I am always happy to assist sellers.