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Home Downsizing Guide

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Downsizing can be an emotional process that appears daunting. You will have a bond with your current property, and many fantastic memories will have been made there. Requirements change, and downsizing can be the correct decision in many cases. Even when it makes logical sense, it can still seem like an overwhelming task. Luckily, we are here to make things easier for you. Whether you’re moving for financial reasons or adjusting to being an empty nest, here is everything you need to know about home downsizing when living in Santa Cruz, California. 

Be Prepared

It is vital to be organized and prepared for downsizing. This means making notes of the tasks that need to be done, and a rough timeline. It is easy to become distracted during the process, which means you must have tools on hand to stay focused on the end goal. The first decisions will involve which larger items you want to keep, and which ones you won’t be taking. Remember that downsizing means you will have less space, which means important decisions will need to be made. Rather than throwing away items, you can sell them online or hold a garage sale. It tends to be easy to find buyers in Santa Cruz for a variety of items. Differentiate between essential sentimental items, and those that can be moved on. 

Start to Declutter

Once some decisions have been made, it is time to declutter. Ditch the things that you don’t need, and keep the essentials with you. You may be surprised at how difficult it becomes to get rid of junk, but always question whether you really need something. Decluttering gives you a clearer idea on which items will be coming with you. You may find many unused items in old wardrobes and attics. Make sure that every nook and cranny has been thoroughly examined and decluttered. You should be firm in your approach, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to go. Even if something is not functional, if it holds sentimental value, then it is worth keeping. 

Get to Grips with Space

Furniture will be a major consideration when downsizing. Have a look at the spacing of your new home, and come with a plan on how your furniture will be moved. Not all of it will make a good fit, which means some items may need to be sold. Rather than awkwardly fitting in old furniture, it can be better to buy new furniture that is a better fit. Even if the square footage is similar, the layout can be significantly different, which is something you need to prepare for. 

Downsizing doesn’t need to feel like a chore, and having a plan makes the entire process more manageable. There are many fantastic homes for sale in Santa Cruz, CA that can suit your requirements. It is important to work with a real estate agent that is tailored toward your specific needs. You can rely on me,  Amber Melenudo, for a smooth downsizing process. Call me on 831.661.5591 or send an email to amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com.