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How to Find the Best Agent to Sell Your Home

Financial adviser congratulating to a young couple for buying a new house

When it comes to home-selling, the choice of real estate is one of the most important decisions you make. It is not to be taken lightly since the decision can have a huge impact on how quickly your house is sold, and the final price you recieve. Rather than picking the first agent you find, it is essential to do your research and interview a number of candidates. When looking for home selling tips, the priority should be on figuring out how to choose the best selling agent.  Here are the steps to take to find the ideal agent to sell your home. 

Look at Reviews

Most real estate agents will have an online presence in which previous clients can leave reviews. Look for agents that have a solid history of positive reviews; a lack of review history is a red flag to be aware of. These reviews will provide you with more information as to the type of experience you can expect. You can also ask for references, and most real estate agents will happily provide them. 

Ask About Experience

Not all experience will be relevant to selling your home. It is essential to pick a real estate agent that knows the local area like the back of their hand. An agent that has a decade of experience in another city is simply not worth considering. Ideally, they should have experience selling similar properties within the local vicinity. This will give them a clear understanding of local market conditions, and it means they will be able to market your home in the best way. 

Don’t Get Caught up with a High Listings Price

The listing price is a pivotal decision that will be made between you and the agent. Don’t be tempted to go with agents who offer a high price that is significantly above market rates. This is a tactic employed by less experienced agents to gain more business. The reality is that high listing prices do not guarantee a final price that is even close to that figure. It tends to turn away prospective buyers, which means your home stays on the market for longer, and eventually it may be sold for less than its market value. 

Be Clear with Fees

Whether it’s a commission or a fixed fee, always check the contract and be clear with what you are being charged. Otherwise, you may end up with an unexpected bill when the sale is finalized. 

Ask for a Marketing Plan

An essential question to ask any real estate agent is, “how will you sell my home?”. They don’t need an in-depth analysis ready, but they should have a clear idea on how they will sell your home, and also which features they will highlight to make it stand out. The agent will have access to a variety of marketing tools, and they should be able to explain which methods will be used and also be able to justify them. The best agents will be able to use the Santa Cruz average home price and come up with a comparative market analysis. This allows them to get an objective idea on how much your home is worth. 

The best selling agent is the one who has the right experience and local area sales history. With years of experience as a marketing specialist, you can depend on me, Amber Melenudo,  to get the best price for your home. Give me a call on 831.661.5591 or send an email to amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com.