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Mistakes to Avoid When House Hunting

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Buying a house will be the most significant purchase that anyone makes in their lifetime. Aside from finances, there can be a lot of emotional sentiment involved. Whilst emotions cannot be completely removed, it is important to keep them in check and make a rational buying decision. Here are some of the all too common house hunting mistakes to steer clear of. 

Not Getting Pre-Approved

Knowing what you can afford should be the first step in the house-buying process. Sadly, many people walk in blindly, and have unrealistic expectations. This means they end up wasting time on houses that they can’t secure a mortgage for. It is important to have a credit check done, and to be pre-approved for a mortgage. This will give you an accurate indicator on what you can afford, and therefore you can narrow down your potential options. If you’re looking to buy a house in Santa Cruz, then you need to know where to base your search. 

Being Unable to Compromise

It is fine to have certain features that are a must-have. But, you must also be willing to compromise on other aspects of a home. Not every home will completely align with your requirements, which is why you need to be willing to be flexible with your approach. Excessive nit-picking can mean that you miss out on fantastic homes. It is important to have a positive attitude when house-hunting and to be able to compromise. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on the essential aspects that you need. There are many fantastic homes for sale in Santa Cruz County that are well worth considering. 

Not Utilizing an Agent

Many sellers balk at real estate fees and feel as though they are capable of selling the home themselves. Since many listings are online, they feel as though the work can be done alone. However, in the majority of cases, they underestimate the key role that an experienced real estate agent can play. An experienced realtor in Aptos will have a key understanding of the local market. They know what works and what doesn’t work. Their years of selling properties, just like yours make them an invaluable resource. Additionally, their connections and access to professional marketing tools mean that they can present your home in the best way. This will ramp up the interest and increase the number of bids you receive. They can also resolve issues quickly and get any legal work done efficiently. In the end, the money you spend on 

Being Too Slow

The real estate market moves at a fast pace, and therefore it is important to be proactive in the house-hunting process. It is vital to think things through, but unnecessary dithering can mean that someone else ends up purchasing your dream home. If you’ve done your research, finished your due diligence, and fallen in love with the home; then it is time to place a bid. 

When you’re looking for your dream home, you need a realtor in Santa Cruz County that can guide you through the process. Put your trust in a specialist that knows the local market better than anyone else. Contact me, Amber Melenudo, at 831.661.5591 or send me an email to amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com.