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Pebble Beach

For many residents in California, Pebble Beach is an area where they go to enjoy luxury and relaxation. This bustling community sits near the beautiful coastline of Monterey. With pristine golf courses, and 17 miles of picturesque coastline, it is no wonder that many of the stars of California love to visit. But, some decide that it is worth living in this elite destination, especially when we consider the incredible luxury real estate developments. Let’s have a look at what life is like in Pebble Beach. 


Pebble Beach has a fairly interesting backstory, and residents tend to be well informed on its heritage. It went through a lot before becoming the luxury real estate haven that it is today. The land was originally bought through a Mexican land grant in the early 19th century. It was then passed between owners, and for a small period of time, some Chinese fishing settlements moved in. They made a sizable contribution, but this began to wane in the 1900s due to anti-Chinese hostility. The land switched between owners, and eventually, it came under the ownership of a corporation that helped to develop it into the luxury destination that we see today. 

Luxury Living in Pebble Beach

With a range of fantastic amenities, and a perfectly planned neighborhood; Pebble Beach is one of the most desired communities to live in. Many affluent families choose to settle down here because of the relaxing lifestyle, and the anonymity that is provided. There is a wide range of real estate available; with some offering pristine views of the golf courses and others giving a fantastic view of the pacific coastline. Prices for real estate in the area range from all the way to $600,000 to $25 Million. The area is home to some of the most unique properties in the country, and many can be considered architectural marvels. There are around 4,500 residents in the area, and demand for real estate tends to be very high.  

Attractions & Things to Do

Although the community may seem quiet, don’t take that to mean that there is nothing to do. On the contrary, there are many fantastic attractions and tons of things to get up to. This is why many visitors and tourists are also fond of Pebble Beach; they come for the amazing views and luxury golf resorts. The visitor center has tons of information of which attractions to see. You can have a look at the wonderful Pebble Beach market, and then take a scenic walk across the coastline. There is always excitement to be found in this peaceful and luxurious destination. 

Thinking of making the move to this luxurious destination? Due to the competitive nature of the local real estate market, it is vital to choose an agent that knows the area closely and is a specialist in luxury properties. You can depend on me, Amber Melenudo, to find your ideal home in Pebble Beach. Contact me at 831.661.5591 or send through an email at amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com.

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