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Perks of Waterfront Living

Waterfront house balcony at sunset

A house by the sea or river is a dream that many of us have. There is something that is so relaxing and tranquil about living near water. It is no surprise that waterfront homes are so desirable. After all, who doesn’t want fantastic views in a peaceful and luxurious setting? Living in Santa Cruz, California, gives you the chance to have a waterfront property in an excellent location. Let’s have a look at the main perks that come with waterfront living. 

Peaceful Setting

Waterfront properties offer a tranquil and relaxing experience. Away from the urban hustle and bustle, there is a much calmer setting. Pollution, traffic, and general noise are usually things that people have to deal with in the city, but these are nowhere to be found in a waterfront property. Instead, you have beautiful water to glance at and bring you peace. 

Wonderful Views

Whether it is a river or an ocean, a waterfront property offers some of the best views you can find. You can simply sit in your room and admire the wonderful natural beauty nearby. These fantastic views help to instill a happier atmosphere, and one that is more connected with nature. 

Water Sports

For those that are fond of water activities, there is usually a lot to get up to nearby. There are usually a plethora of opportunities to get involved in kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, and much more. Even if you aren’t particularly fond of water activities, the coastal lifestyle is based on the outdoors. This means that there will usually be many facilities nearby such as sports fields, and golf clubs. 

A Fantastic Long-Term Investment

Waterfront properties also tend to be one of the best types of investment. They keep their value since there is a restricted supply. Additionally, they are always highly desired which means that you can expect the equity to increase significantly in the long-term. It is no wonder that many investors are looking towards waterfront real estate because of the fantastic profit potential it offers. 

Healthy Lifestyle

For those who are fond of the outdoors, and those that pay close attention to their health, there is nothing better than breathing in the cool fresh air that comes with living in a waterfront setting. Being around nature offers many benefits, both physically and in terms of mental health. Waterfront properties provide the perfect place for residents to de-stress and recharge. The coastal lifestyle is one where outdoor activities are highly encouraged, and where a connection to nature is felt all-around. 

If you’re ready to make a move into the waterfront lifestyle, then there are plenty of houses for sale in Santa Cruz, CA to consider. The waterfront real estate market can be highly competitive, which makes it vital to hire an experienced real estate agent. You can depend on my custom tailored approach to find you the ideal waterfront home at a great price. Contact me, Amber Melenudo, on 831.661.5591 or send me an email to amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com.