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The Neighborhoods of Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz has become one of the most desirable cities in California for long-term living. With great weather all-year-round, a number of wonderful beaches, an abundance of natural beauty, and many fantastic attractions nearby, it isn’t difficult to see why so many people continue to move in. If you are thinking of living in Santa Cruz, California, then these are some of the best neighborhoods to consider. 

The Boardwalk and Beach Hill

The iconic Santa Cruz beach boardwalk houses one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. There is a fantastic amusement park located here. Nearby, there is a neighborhood known as Beach Hill, which has some of the most luxurious properties available in the area. These waterfront victorian homes are amongst some of the most popular in the city. Overall, the boardwalk and Beach Hill neighborhoods are both lively and relaxing. Residents benefit from the close proximity to the beach whilst also being to enjoy a suburban type lifestyle. 


Another top neighborhood in Santa Cruz is Seabright, which is also referred to as Midtown. It is located near Seabright beach, which always attracts plenty of visitors. In recent years, this peaceful neighborhood has been transformed into a quirky hipster haven; which a range of unique cafes and shops opened by local residents. For those looking for the classic beach home, this is the neighborhood to choose, since there are many traditional beach homes available to purchase. There are plenty of amenities nearby, and there is a lively nightlife with a range of fantastic clubs and bars. Overall, Seabright is a trendy neighborhood that is fast becoming one of the most popular in the city. 


The Downton neighborhood is a sprawling metropolis that has plenty to offer. Here you will find some of the best restaurants, excellent shopping experiences, a range of cool bars, and some great theaters. There is always something to get up to in the downtown area, and there is never a dull moment. When living downtown, you will be right in the middle of the action. The iconic Santa Cruz museum of art is found here, and there are also many top tech employers to find in the area. As a whole, the neighborhood is a good fit for young professionals who want to enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle. Remote workers will be happy to find a range of highly-rated coworking places that have a real sense of community. 

Capitola Village

A neighborhood that really stands out is Capitola Village. Although it is known as one of the more quieter neighborhoods in Santa Cruz, there is still plenty that goes on. This is a classy location that has a number of high-class restaurants and shops. The neighborhood hosts a number of wine, art, and music years on a regular basis. There are many fantastic waterfront properties to find here, and the quiet lifestyle has made it a top destination for those with families. The plentiful amenities, proximity to the sea, low crime rates, and peaceful setting make it a top choice. 

Aptos and Seacliff

A few miles away from the center of Santa Cruz, you will find the community of Seacliff located within Aptos. This is becoming a highly rated neighborhood because of the peaceful beach setting. You’re never too far from the lively Santa Cruz amenities, and you can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. The Seacliff State Beach is where you can expect most of the excitement to occur. It has RV spots, fishing spots, and many activities to get up to. No matter which area you are in, there are always plenty of fun things to do in Santa Cruz. 

Santa Cruz Mountains

In the northern part of Santa Cruz, you will find the mountains that offer plenty of natural beauty to admire. You can spot wildlife, and be one with the natural elements. There are also many fantastic hiking trails, which makes this a great place to live for outdoor enthusiasts. Nearby is the University of California, which is highly rated. 

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