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The Top Luxury Home Features for 2020

What are the best luxury home features to look out for in 2020? That is a question that many buyers will have in mind when looking for their perfect luxury home. Often it is the unique features that set apart luxury homes from other types of property. When it comes to outstanding features, here are those that tend to be highly desired. 

What Makes a Home Truly Luxurious?

It is first important to understand what sets apart Santa Cruz luxury real estate from regular real estate. Although there isn’t a one-size fits all checklist, you will find that most luxury properties within this area share many characteristics. Usually, these properties tend to be in a prime location, whether this is a close proximity to the city or near an attractive beachfront. There are many luxury beachfront homes for sale in California that allow residents to be fully immersed in the beach lifestyle. 

Luxury properties are usually located right at the heart of the action where everyone wants to be. Amenities and activities will usually be a walk away. You can also expect premium interior finishes, high-quality appliances, and personalized features such as tailor-made walk-in closets. Many luxury properties also benefit from a concierge service. 

Top Features for 2020

Have a look at some of the most desirable luxury home features for 2020. Many Santa Cruz luxury homes for sale come with these features, which has made them highly desirable. 

  • Open-Floor Plan

    The open-floor trend looks set to continue in the new decade. Many buyers request this feature because it makes a home appear more spacious and it keeps interconnected. An expansive and airy floor is always sure to impress guests. 

  • Innovative Technology 

    Smart-home technology has developed quickly in the past few years, which has made it a key feature requested by luxury home buyers. A luxury home will tend to utilize a number of features so that the owner can control everything at a touch of a button. A simple smartphone application can allow the owner to make sure that a door is locked, to check up on a security camera, to dim the lights, to turn on music, and so much more. This can be done remotely from any location which provides further peace of mind. 

  • Outdoor Kitchen

    Luxury homes tend to have spacious backyard space which makes them suitable for complete outdoor kitchen and cooking areas. These sophisticated kitchens make outdoor dining a breeze, and allow residents to create an authentic al-fresco experience. An outdoor kitchen is fantastic for entertaining guests, and enjoying the long summer nights with family. Additional features like a fire pit and infinity pools tend to add a touch of prestige to an outdoor dining setup.

  • Exercise Room

    We all want to stay in shape, but going to the gym can be inconvenient, and exercising with privacy can be desirable. Dedicated exercise rooms tend to be fully equipped with cardio equipment and weights. This means you can get in a full workout without needing to leave your home. Modern exercise rooms also tend to have TVs and radios to make sure that the workout is enjoyable. 

  • Spa Bathroom

    The bathroom is a room that luxury buyers tend to pay special attention toward. There is growing demand for spa bathrooms that resemble those seen in the best spas or resorts. Luxury home-owners want to take the world-class resort experience and instill it into their daily lives. Features such as seating, a rain shower, heated floors can transform a regular bathroom into something that provides ambiance and total relaxation. This helps to provide an escape from the stresses of daily life. 

  • Wine Cellar 

    No luxury home is complete without a dedicated wine room. But, modern luxury homes no longer have basic cellars. Instead, wine rooms now have a clear focus on being well-designed and utilizing the latest technology. This includes climate control features, which ensure that the temperature remains optimal, and rooms are now designed to show off the collection. Some even include dedicated tasting areas. 

All of these desirable luxury home features are worth looking out for. There are many fantastic luxury homes for sale in California and Capitola Venetian luxury beachfront that have these top features. When navigating the luxury real estate market, you need a specialist real estate agent by your side. You can rely on our years of experience in the local luxury real estate market to help secure your ideal home.  Feel free to give me a call at 831.661.5591 or send me an email at amber(at)davidlyng(dotted)com, and I will get back to you the soonest possible time.