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Tips for creating the ideal home office space

The shelter-in-place order in Santa Cruz County has been laid down as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this development, many office-based jobs had to adjust their employees’ work arrangements by allowing them to work from home. 

The wonderful benefits of working at home cannot be denied. Perks include enjoying zero commute time and having a more comfortable work environment. However, it also has drawbacks like having more distractions and less structure.

For those who are new to working from home, here are a few tips to create the ideal home office space so you can stay productive:

Good lighting is essential

No one wants to work in a dark and dreary office space even at home. When setting up your home office, find a room that offers the best natural lighting. Working by a window not only gives you the benefit of natural light but offers a welcome view when you take a short break from tasks.

Also, use lamps and overhead lighting to get the best results. Adding a desk lamp or standing lamp can do wonders for the functionality and ambiance of the space. 

Working in bed is counterproductive

Avoid using your bedroom as your home office. Setting up your workspace in bed may sound appealing at first. However, doing so could demotivate you and negatively affect your productivity. It’s better to work in common areas like the living room or you can convert a spare bedroom into a home office.

Always remember that you still have to draw a clear line between your work life and your personal life even when you’re working at home. 

Get the right equipment

Once you have the room and the lighting set up, it’s time to get the right equipment and supplies. If you’re stationed in your living room or by the dining table, it’s best to get power banks for your laptop and phone. This way, you avoid the eyesore caused by the tangle of clunky extension cords. Getting a dual-purpose desk lamp with a USB port for your phone is also a great idea.

For those with their own separate home office space, make sure you have all your work essentials available at your disposal. Get a large work table to accommodate all your work-related items like your computer, files, pens, and other necessities. You can also get yourself a standing desk if you don’t want to sit all day.

Stock up on essential supplies

To keep your productivity up, make sure all your supplies are within reach. Get your paper, pens, staples, and the like handy and preferably, in one storage area. If you can’t function without a cup of coffee in hand, transfer your coffee maker to your home office to save yourself a trip to the kitchen.

Keep it personal yet professional

Your home workstation is a chance to escape the corporate cubicle design and make it your own. Put up personal touches like pictures of the family or some memorable trinkets here and there.

Keep in mind, though, that creating a comfortable workspace may be a priority but you still need to keep things professional even at home. Your dirty laundry or ratty couch will definitely not add to your workspace’s ambiance.

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