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Top qualities your luxury real estate agent should have

If you’re buying or selling your luxury property, you likely already know that this market is different from traditional real estate. Luxury real estate is a niche market that follows different rules and market trends. That’s why you shouldn’t leave your high-end home purchase or sale in the hands of anyone but a Santa Cruz County realtor who specializes in luxury homes and possesses the following: 

Hyperlocal knowledge

It’s essential you find a luxury realtor who knows the ins and outs of your target neighborhood. Luxury homes for sale in Santa Cruz, CA differ in prices and appreciation value depending on location. 

Check your potential real estate agent’s past transactions to see if they have experience with luxury homes in your specific target area. An Aptos realtor, for instance, might not be the ideal person to help if you’re purchasing or selling property in La Selvas.

If you’re buying, hire someone who knows all about the community, local school district, and the future developments around town. An agent who is privy to the ins and outs of the local market can make finding the right home for you a breeze.

If you’re looking to sell, a realtor who works locally will likewise benefit you with their in-depth knowledge of properties in the area similar to yours. They will know how much your home can reasonably sell for, and which buyers are looking for the specific features your property has. 

Exceptional communication skills

Communication is a key part of a good agent-client relationship. As a property owner or buyer, you will need to consult with your realtor frequently if you expect to be updated promptly on the status of your property for sale. 

Hire someone who can adapt to your preferred communication style: Whether it’s a daily phone check-in or a weekly one-on-one online meeting, your real estate agent should be able to cater to your needs.

Excellent marketing strategies

If you’re a seller, you’ll need a listing agent or selling agent with a sound marketing plan for your property. Someone detail-oriented who can find new and inventive ways to get your property out there would be ideal. 

Since luxury real estate is such a small market, high-end properties tend to stay on the market longer. You would benefit from hiring a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist to get your property sold faster and at top dollar. 

Years of experience

It takes years of experience to truly understand the nuances of the luxury market and the needs of the affluent. Realtors who work with high-end properties know the intricacies of luxury real estate transactions and possess the knowledge and skills required to ensure a smooth and stress-free sale or purchase.

Access to a network of realtors

Who you know is truly important for anyone dealing in luxury real estate. Highly coveted properties are often bought and sold through strong connections with other luxury agents, so make sure your realtor has a good network. 

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